Millburn Primary School

Vision & Aims

In Millburn Primary School our goal is excellence across all areas of school life.  We expect the best for and from every child, every member of staff and all who visit or use our school from an academic, social and personal standpoint.


Furthermore, we will never accept less than what is possible from our children or from ourselves and we will regularly celebrate the successes of our school.  We will consistently evaluate our performance and seek to improve.  In doing so, every individual within the school will personally accept the responsibility they have in the achievement of the school's vision and of their own personal vision.


This achievement will take place in a happy atmosphere, where everyone is enthusiastic and committed to the improvement of the learning opportunities and of the real, deep learning which takes place within our school and by all who are privileged to use the school.


Finally, we will accept responsibilities which we so clearly have:      

To lead our school clearly, precisely and consistently, in line with the values and principles agreed by all staff, to encourage our children to learn, to assist them in their learning and to continue learning ourselves throughout our lives.