Millburn Primary School


Please contact the school office should you have any inquiries pertaining to other relevant school policy.

 September 2020 Annex to Attendance Policy.docxDownload
 September 2020 Annex to Behaviour Policy - Covid-19.docxDownload
 September 2020 Annex to Child Protection Policy (Covid-19).docxDownload
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 2019-20 Administering Medication in School.docDownload
 2019-20 Anti-Bullying Policy.docxDownload
 2019-20 Attendance Policy.docxDownload
 2019-20 Child Protection Guidelines.docDownload
 2019-20 Complaints Procedure.docxDownload
 2019-20 Discipline Policy.docDownload
 2019-20 Drugs Policy.docxDownload
 2019-20 Health and Safety (with First Aid).docxDownload
 2019-20 Intimate Care Policy.docxDownload
 2019-20 Letter to parents re child protection.docDownload
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